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All you have to do is pick the color, we take care of the rest!  We will move your furniture, take down pictures, remove electrical plates, and mask off all areas affected by paint and dust.  You will be amazed at how fast and clean the whole process is. 


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Whether it's applying knockdown, removing popcorn, fixing cracks, or just repainting, we can handle all of your ceiling projects.


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Trim finished to perfection is the icing on the cake for your homes' interior.  That is why we only use high quality enamels to finish your woodwork.  Don't hesitate to call for minor repairs or entire rooms.

The Only Brand We Trust With Your Project!

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Our Go-To Products

For Exterior Painting: #Duration

For Interior Walls: #Emerald #Cashmere #Duration #Superpaint 

For Interior Trim Painting:  #Proclassic #200 Alkyd



Does Your Exterior Need Paint?

Save Money, Paint Before It's Too Far Gone

Many homeowners call when raw wood is exposed and boards are rotten and are faced with spending much more money than just the cost of the paint job.  If you are starting to see bare spots or raw wood, now is the time to paint, (actually, last year was). 

Should I go With The Cheapest Bid?

A cheap paint job can make a home look great!....for a couple months, but after that, it becomes the eyesore of the neighborhood.  

Think about it, our temperatures in the mid west go from 100 degrees to below zero in the matter of a few short months. The exterior of a home will expand and contract like an accordian, and in turn, that cheap paint job will fail and cost not only the price of another paint job, but also, the prep work that should've been done in the first place.

A Bulletproof Paint Job

At Brack Painting, we strictly use Sherwin Williams Duration for our exterior painting. This paint has been around for years and I have never had any complaints from customers, or painters applying it. It's thicker than any paint on the market and is self priming for smaller areas.  We use a primer that actually glues down peeling paint, and levels out at the same time.  We use this on siding that looks like the picture at the right of your screen and it is amazing!

Use these two products together and you have what I call,

 A Bulletproof Paint Job!

Personalize Your Living Space!

Free Color Consultation

Want a change but not quite sure how to pick colors?  No problem, after 20 plus years of painting, I can help get all of your colors working together.

Painter For A Day

Do you have a lot of loose ends on your painting to-do list?  Trim touch ups, ceiling cracks, wall dings, door smudges?  We'll come take care of your to-do list for you! Full and half day rates.

Cabinet Painting and Staining

Choose any finish that you like and we will produce it for you.  Enamel-Stained-Lacquered-Antiqued-Glazed-Tone and Lacquered-Designer Finishes.

Don't wast your time with a company that is going to just brush and roll your cabinets, and charge full price, your kids can do that for you for free! Call us to have them professionally sprayed and have the finish look like glass! We will take your doors and drawers to our spray shop, do the boxes onsite, no mess, quick turnaround.  And yes, we do the inside of the cabinets as well.  

Antique Home Restoration

Do you own an historic home and want to keep or get it back to original look?    Call Brack Painting! 

We will come out and find out exactly what it is that you would like to accomplish, then, we'll make it happen. 

About Brack Painting...

The Residential Paint Specialists

You have a vision for the look of your home, we bring it to life, and make it a reality.  

Did You Say Warranty?

Brack Painting offers a 5 year exterior warranty!  Your going to need that with the extreme weather conditions we face each season.  The  products we use offer a high end look, with no maintenance for the life of the warranty, and after. 

What Do We Do?

Residential Paint Specialists

  •  Interior-Exterior Painting
  • New Construction
  • Repaints
  • Walls-Trim-Ceilings
  • Cabinets-Stain-Enamel-Decorative 
  • Staining
  • Toning-Spray Lacquer
  • Staircase Color Restoration
  • Faux-Designer Finishes
  • Wainscot Installation
  •  Drywall Texture and Repair
  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal
  •  Wallpaper Removal
  • Musical Instrument Repairs
  •  Historic Restoration
  • Deck Stain-Repair
  • Power wash
  • Soft wash-Roofs-Siding-Sidewalks-Driveway-decks

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