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Pick any finish -we'll match it for you!

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It's as simple as emailing or texting me a picture of your desired finish, I will then breakdown the steps involved  on a sample door from my shop. This way, you know exactly what your cabinets will look like when we are done.

Professionally Sprayed

HVLP Spray

Painting kitchen cabinets.  You won't find a brush or roller anywhere near your project!  You are paying for a professional finish, and that is exactly what you'll get.  The sprayers we use are designed for fine furniture, not the exterior of your home.  That being said, you can be assured that the finish that protects your cabinets will look as smooth as glass.  

The products that we use won't be found at a local paint store, they are formulated specifically for cabinets and will need to be ordered 2 weeks in advance before we start your project. 

No Mess-Very Quick Turnaround


 We can take your doors to our spray shop, or finish them on site, the entire room is completely masked off.  Even if you have just had a back splash installed, or fresh paint applied to walls, it doesn't matter,  we'll protect everything in the room.

Count 'Em Up-Figure Your Cost! (Ballpark Figures)

Every home is unique, and so is the cabinet layout, these are average numbers for you to see if we are in your budget range. Schedule an appointment for us to come look at your cabinets and give you a solid number.

There Are So Many "Painters" Out There, What Sets Us Apart?


If the other "painters" don't start with this...


They will never end with this!

We mask every part of the area, head to toe.

We mask off the ceilings, walls, and floors in your kitchen area.  The only thing exposed is the cabinets, everything else is completely covered.  

HVLP Sprayers

High Volume Low Pressure

graco 9.5 hvlp sprayer

Most companies that paint cabinets use a brush and roller--some up their game a little and use the same sprayers designed to spray the exterior of your home--both of these systems offer a far less than perfect finish.  We use the HVLP spray system designed for cabinets, automobiles, and fine furniture--you won't find a better finish anywhere.

Price to Paint Cabinets and Other Projects-Ballpark Figures


Living Room Walls

Each home is unique, so this is a broad look at pricing.  On average, living room walls cost $400.00 per coat, this includes labor and materials.  I almost always recommend 2 coats for coverage.  Extra costs would include: furniture moving-patching large holes-walls that are taller than 9 feet-and stairways.



A room that is 15x15 will cost $225.00, roughly, $1.00 per square foot.   Ceilings are sprayed 3 times, rolled in one direction, and includes a full room masking process, everything in the area will be masked, covered with plastic, and floors completely enclosed. 



  • 6 panel doors are $60.00 per coat-both sides.
  •   French doors $110.00 per coat  
  • Openings (with no doors) start at $50.00 per coat. 
  • Windows start at $70.00 per coat
  • Base and crown moulding start at $1.00 per linear foot-per coat.  

Note: All of My Prices Are Based On Top of the Line Products

Master Bedroom


Large master bedroom walls: roughly $400.00 per coat.  

Medium Bedroom-Office


A 15x15 room-walls only-will run roughly $300.00 per coat. 

Small Bedroom

bedroom paint price

A 10x10 room-walls only-will run roughly $250.00 per coat.

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