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We have a very unique niche as  business owners.  Our company name is not," ABC Painting," or "Fresh Start Painting," it's our family name. That being said, the last thing we would ever want to do, is to give our customers a reason to to have one single negative thought about us because of our painting experience with them. At the end of the day, my main objective is to provide for my beautiful bride and our kids, and in order to do that, our customers are very well taken care of when they sign us on, and in return, become a very important part of our family.  

My Family


My wife, Amy, and I, were married in 1999.   Since then, by the grace and providence of God, we have added on to our family six times.  Being part of a large family leaves no room for boredom; there is always something exciting going on somewhere at our house, I think that's the politically correct way to say, "crazy"!  If you, or someone you know, isn't quite sure that there is much difference in the way boys and girls act, I'll invite you over for dinner sometime, afterward, you will be solid on your position, I can assure you.  :)  One thing I have to say about my wife at this point, you would think with a bunch of kids running around, that everything would be a mess, not the case, our home is freakishly in order.  She is a "Type A On Steroids" personality, and if something is out of place... Look out!  Amy is my little angel, (or devil) on my shoulder, like in cartoons, while I'm at a customers house, making sure our tools are staged properly, trash is in it's place, and paint quality is always top notch!

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Steve Brack: Proprietor-Lead Painter


I was born and raised in the Kansas City Northland, and started my painting apprenticeship in the mid 90's.  You don't think much about it while it's going on, but looking back, I have been very blessed with the many different avenues of the painting trade that I have learned.  I wish I could say that I planned it that way from the beginning of my career as a painter, but that's not the case.  Day to day-week to week-year to year, knowledge ads up, and something that once seemed impossible, becomes second nature.   I enjoy learning this trade, and am excited to be able to teach it to my kids as they grow older, and to apprentices as they sign on with me.