Frequently Asked Questions Before Painting


First of all, thank you for taking time to visit our website, we hope you find it helpful with your decision to choose us as your "go-to" painting contractor. Hiring a company to come work at your home or business for a brief time is a big decision, that's why we want you to have as much info as possible before making the call to us.


Here are some general questions that customers ask on their first contact with us.

  • Q.  "When can you come give us an estimate--Is it free--how long does it take?"

         A.  Typically we can schedule an appointment within the next 2 business days, and yes, there is absolutely no charge for the consultation.  sidenote:  if a company charges for an initial estimate, don't bother with them!  Depending on the scope of work, allow 45 mins for the consultation.

  •  Q.  "What kind of experience do you have?"

A.  I have 23 years in the painting industry.  During this time I have literally painted in every scenario that I can think of, that is why our list of services that we provide are so wide.  It is no problem for us to replace the rotted fascia boards from your exterior, and the next day, come take your antiques to our paint shop to be refinished!  As a business owner, I understand the importance of training up employees to be able to do the same tasks.

  • Q.  "What products do you use?"

A.  Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.  Period.  They are the industry leaders in painting.  This is peace of mind both for you, the customer, and I, the one giving the warranty!  For cabinets we us a paint called General Finishes, it is an amazing product with lightning fast dry times, and very durable to withstand high traffic areas.

  • Q.  "Will your price change after the work starts and I end up with a surprise bill that is double the price that you quoted me in your proposal?"

A.  Sadly, this is the most frequently asked of all the questions I receive.  The  simple answer is,"no".  That being said, there are times that when you are in the middle of a job, you run into unforeseen circumstances,  like wood rot under siding.  In these situations, you, the customer will be addressed to look at what we've uncovered, either through a picture sent to you, or inspect it in person, then we will come up with a plan and a price to fix the problem.  Work will not begin until there is a written/signed agreement by both parties.  No surprises!  You will know your remaining balance long before you pay your bill.

  • Q.  "What, if anything, can we do before you start?"

A.  Once we agree to terms of payment and have a start date set, leave the rest to us.  We will take care of the entire process--A to Z.  Cleaning, moving, etc... All you need to do is pick your colors!

Q.  "What will my house look like at the end of your workday?"
A.  All of the paint, tools, and trash that we have accumulated over the day will be put neatly in an area that you designate for us.  Other than our shop area, there will be no trace of us except for progress!

  • Q.  "Sounds Great!  When can you start?"

A.  Call or email us to schedule your project!

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